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Mittauer & Associates, Inc. has successfully completed over 140 CDBG projects.


Department of Commerce - CDBG Programs

Community Development Block Grant Program

The Department of Commerce manages five CDBG Programs, one being the Florida Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program. The Florida Small Cities CDBG Program is a competitive grant program that awards funds to eligible cities, counties, towns and villages. There are approximately 249 eligible communities in Florida. To be eligible for the Small Cities CDBG Program, a city must have a population under 50,000, and a county's population must be under 200,000. The Program awards subgrants in four categories; ​Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization, Housing Rehabilitation, and

Commercial Revitalization.

Mittauer & Associates, Inc. has more than $150 million worth of CDBG project engineering experience for small municipalities and rural counties. We have engineered a wide range of project types including water, wastewater, roads and drainage, and parks and recreation projects, as well as community centers and streetscape projects.

We have extensive CDBG project experience, and our staff has an excellent working relationship with the Department of Commerce. The CDBG Program has specific requirements, rules, and policies. We stay current with the program and will guide you and your staff to achieve your goals.

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